Golmaal Again: Full Movie HD (2017)

Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror | 140 min

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Golmaal Again: Full Movie HD

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Gopal, Laxman 1, Madhav, Lucky and Laxman 2 live in an orphanage in Jamnadas.One day they come across an abandoned baby outside the orphanage and name her Kushi.Gopal and Madhav don’t get well with each other and often have fights.Gopal leaves the orphanage with Laxman 1 and Madhav also leaves with Lucky and Laxman 2.Years later they have grown up an earn well by doing con jobs and send a share to Jamnadas’s orphanage.One day they come to know that Jamnadas is no more and they go to attend his prayer meeting.Anna their childhood friend who can communicate with spirits meets them at a prayer meeting.While the 5 boys leave the orphanage after the prayer meeting a strange figure follows them.Anna is sure the boys will come back to an orphanage as the strange figure wants their help.


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